Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I ordered a pair of shoes from shoe dazzle. I have some pictures of the shoes, and then my general experience.

The only downside of ordering I'd say is that it took forever for my shoes to my house. And, then they were the wrong size so I had to send them back to exchange them, so I'm still waiting for the new ones to come in.

However, they offer really good service. If you do return the shoes for good, I believe they charge you about $5.00 for a restocking fee, but you don't need to pay for return shipping. Also, if you need to exchange the shoes, you don't have to pay anything, they give you a box and return shipping label. Then, the shoes come with a cloth bag for protection and a pink shoe box! :)

The shoe quality is pretty good, but not the greatest (I'd say better than clothing store shoes, like F21 of AE, but not as good as department store shoes (like ones you'd get at Macy's).

The only other warning I have, is once you order a pair of shoes, your account is set up to charge you $39 every month and you are supposed to pick out a pair of shoes every month. I didn't want to commit to this so after I ordered my shoes, I called ShoeDazzle and asked them to disable my account. You can always re-enable the account and order more shoes, but I didn't want to commit to spending $40 bucks a month every month for shoes.

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