Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dry Shampoo

It's horrible for your hair to wash it every day. It dries it out, causes it to overcompensate by producing too much oil, breaks it, and you end up with damaged, frizzy, oily, dry hair. NOT the look we're going for.

I admit, I fell into washing my hair everyday because I didn't want to deal with oily/greasy looking hair. I've been very strict with washing my hair every other day though. When I jump into the shower, if I'm not washing my hair, I clip it up high so it doesn't get wet. You can even throw a shower cap over your clipped up hair to keep the steam from making it greasy looking.

On days I don't shampoo, if my hair looks like it needs a little bit of help, I use dry shampoo. I picked up this Tresemme one from Target for oily, straight hair. The directions say to shake vigorously, spray it in, wait 1-2 minutes, and brush it out.

Personally, I'm not pleased with this dry shampoo. I'm inserting a picture of my hair, post dry shampoo, below.
I'm not sure how evident it is in the picture, but the shampoo leaves my roots always looking a little bit gray-ish. I have dyed hair; my natural hair color is a dirty blonde. When I use the dry shampoo, it makes my light roots stand out in an unappealing way. The other downside of this dry shampoo, I find, is that it leaves very prominent white marks and I have to brush over where I sprayed for a couple of minutes before the whiteness dissapears. On the upside, my hair does look less oily after use-it gives my hair a shiny, healthy look rather than a greasy, unwashed look. So, overall, I'm not too impressed with this product and I will be purchasing and trying out a new one next time, but it's not completely pointless, and I will probably finish using up this product rather than throwing it out.

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