Monday, January 2, 2012

Lipstick Comparison

I got a few different brands of lipsticks to do a quality comparison. From left to right, they are elf (posh), wet n' wild (552A), rimmel (berry queen), covergirl natureluxe (peony), and mac (syrup). I did not purchase reds from every brand because some of the above were colors I really wanted; I could still do a good quality comparison of the brands though, even with the slightly different colors.

The worst lipstick of the bunch was the wet n' wild. It was on an equal price level as the elf lipstick. Although the colors of both of the lipsticks are rich (as seen by the picture), the quality was evidently equal to the $1.00 they were worth. The color wears off very quickly and leaves lips dry and flaky as well as patchy in color. These lipsticks are good for quick wear, if you need to take pictures or are willing to reapply often; they do NOT work as long wear unfortunately.

The rimmel lipstick is a better quality. The color, as you can see, is a bit richer. The lipstick is more moisturizing and doesn't leave lips as dry (I have pretty dry skin and lips, so moisture is very important to me). The color is also beautiful and very complimentary to a light skin tone. The packaging is also cute, in a rich purple with the rimmel crown on the top of the cap =]. The downsize, unfortunately, is that I still have to reapply this lipstick often. If I wear it for a few hours, I get that ring of color on the inside of my lips and a pale, washed-out red stain on my lips. Maybe my lips just eat lipstick quickly; but with plenty of lip balm and a touch-up every couple of hours, this lipstick is great!

The covergirl lipstick definitely held up where the previous ones lacked. The color of this lipstick is definitely lighter/less potent than the rest, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The color is a great subtle red that is perfect for daytime wear. Whenever I want to wear a brighter/red lip to class, I always reach for this one. Besides its subtle sexiness, these covergirl lipsticks have a lot of moisturizing balm in them. I would compare them to the revlon lip butters-lots of balm and a touch of color!

Lastly, the mac lipstick (saving the best for last!). This was the most expensive lipstick of the bunch, but well worth its price. This color is a lustre, so it applies with a slight sheeny glow. You might be able to see above, but this color had the most shine of all of them when applied. Because the color wasn't a red, you can even apply it without lipliner. I asked the girl at the mac counter for a muted form of a red lip, and she pointed me to the color syrup. The color held the longest. I had to reapply this one the least amount of times during the day, and I also did not have any color residue or ugly inner lip rings of color after applying this.

Stay beautiful.

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