Thursday, March 8, 2012

Physician's Formula Youthful Wear Line

If you're looking for a new foundation, I've found a little drugstore gem.

This foundation has a wonderful lightweight and fluffy moose formula. It's a dupe for the Tarte Amazonian Clay, but it's a little bit lighter (a bit less coverage but also less heavy). I think it's also a bit more moisturizing than the Tarte foundation.They also have a concealer to go with it. There is a liquid concealer (cooler undertones) and a stick concealer (warmer undertones). I love the liquid one for under eye brightening!

I've done a video review for the youthful wear line:

And here are some pictures and swatches of the products:
 The product and package
The product as it looks when squeezed from the bottle and when blended with skin (it's a bit dark for my hand but it blends in beautifully to my face).
Concealer and package.
The liquid concealer is on the bottom and the stick concealer is on the left.

Stay beautiful dolls <3

Fashion Haul!

So this weekend I went a little bit crazy with my shopping sprees! I got a lot of new make-up/face products as well as some clothes/shoes/other. The make-up I'm going to do in separate posts so I can do swatches and reviews, but here are some of the other goodies I bought!

I bought yellow striped bedsheets! Who can resist this happy pop of color that screams springtime. I swear I get all smiley and warm every time I climb into bed and every morning when I wake up. I just feel like I'm being hugged by the warm, happy color. It's amazing how much color affects mood!
 A converse button down from Target. I have like 4 or 5 of these. This color is an amazing dark blue-green that makes colored eyes stand out. And I love wearing loose fitted button downs with skinny jeans and flats, it's just a laid-back yet put together look.
(for outfit with this button down, check out
 Beige Flats! These are a staple, they go with everything and they're so comfortable! These are the type of flats that you can carry in your bag and throw on whenever your feet start to ache from heels, and they'll match. Everyone needs a pair of beige flats (and black flats for that matter). I know you're supposed to save on trends and splurge on staples, but I'd rather spend $15 on a staple and replace it when it gets worn (as shoes get worn out quickly).
 Harajuku lovers! I have been wanting to get a perfume from HL for soo long! This one is a limited edition "super G." It smells so good. It's very sweet and flowery, very daytime. If you're not into "young" smells, or very sugary smells, this is not for you. The packaging is beyond adorable however! =)
 What else could a girl need but nude flats and nude heels? These aren't exactly skin tone nude, they're a mix of nude and grey (is "grude" a color?). I've been eyeing these babies from Guess for a while. They are extremely comfortable (wear all day long status) and I love platformed pumps. They have these in every shade (including nude) but I thought this color was more unique and playful.
 A shot of these babies on foot (I'm a size 7 for reference). You can wear them bare-footed or with tights. (pictures of both on
Lastly, I bought a brush cleanser from Crown make-up through HauteLook. To be honest when I bought it, I thought it was a spot cleanser, but you're supposed to spray your brushes, let them get sit for 10 minutes, then rinse with water. A little dissapointed it wasn't the product I was expecting, but I'll give it a try anyway.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter Alternatives

Looking for a tinted lip balm? Revlon's Lip Butters are the hottest item on the market right now, but I've gathered a few alternatives in case those aren't your cup of tea, or if you're just looking to stock up some more.

In order to be as detailed as possible, here's a video of me testing them out and talking each of them.

And in case that's not your thing, or if you're looking for more, here are some pictures and swatches of each balm:

Covergirl Nature Luxe Gloss Balm - sandstone

Covergirl Nature Luxe Gloss Balm - peony

Carmex Moisture Plus (peach color)

Carmex Moisture Plus (red color)
 Soft Lips Tinted Lip Conditioner - rose

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer - Toffee
 Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm - Tiger Lily

Smile and stay beautiful dolls <3

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation

Retails for $38 at Sephora.

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15
What it is:
A long-lasting foundation powered by Amazonian clay.

What it does:
Get 12 hours of flawless coverage with this long-wearing, skin-perfecting formula with UVA/UVB SPF 15. It's full coverage with a weightless texture. With a broad range of shades available and a supremely blendable and buildable formula, everyone can achieve skin that looks healthy and natural.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Petrochemicals
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan

What else you need to know:
Whether oily, dry or combination, "skin-smart" Amazonian clay will intuitively adjust to meet and address your skin concerns for makeup that wears better, longer, and truer. This revolutionary foundation reduces the appearance of pores, discolorations, and imperfections and ensures a perfectly flawless complexion every time.

Research results:
Clinical results reveal up to 12 hours of perfect wear time.
Size: 1.7 oz

Monday, February 20, 2012

More colored pants!

Magazines and fashion blogs are still talking about colored pants! I've already done a blog post on them but I thought I'd do another and give you guys another way to style them.
The advice is usually to pair colored pants with a neutral top (black, white, etc. very plain) to balance in out. Another way to style it (although I did go with white...just go with me here) is to color block. I went with white because I added another pop of color with the mint green necklace. The green was also repeated in my bangles and my eyes. The white is repeated in my sunglasses. My flats are leopard print (a little personality!) and the brown shades coordinate with my hair, and the gold buckles with my gold studs.

In order to pull off a lot of colors (and not look like you just pulled random articles of clothing out of your closet), make sure there are repeating patterns. The brown was repeated, as was the green and the white. And to repeat the red, I had a black and red handbag and a white and brown scarf with accents of red. When you repeat a color, it looks deliberate and put together rather than clashing.

Chanel 'Peridot' Dupe! - Nail Polish Review

This little guy has been all the hype recently. Who wouldn't fall in love with it, with it's blue/green/silver sparkles. It looks amazing in the bottle and even better on your nails! The only downside is it's price, $26.

 This little number is by Borghese, which is a great company, on a side note. They are well known for cosmetics nationally and they've been around for a while (think: your mother at 14 painting her nails at a slumber party). And this bad boy retails for $8. That's quite a ways cheaper than Chanel (it's about the price of Essie, but of equal quality.
The color looks a bit different, but the Chanel picture is off of their website, therefore enhanced. And the color just doesn't photograph as beautifully as it is in person. The best part, you can layer this for different shades, it looks beautiful and pale with one coat, or intensely dark with three.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eye Make-Up

Eye make-up of the day. My eyelashes look super long (put the latise commercial to shame!), but they're my natural lashes with mascara, I don't even have falsies on! All I have is the Revlon color stay mascara, about 2 coats. My shadow is from the physcian's formula glam eyes, in "green smokey eye" and the liner is from the physician formula gel liner for blue eyes (the black sparkles).