Tuesday, January 3, 2012

E.L.F. Cosmetics- affordable find or cheap trash?

I've purchased a couple of elf products here and there. The product I have most of would be eyeshadows, which I can do in a separate review for the sake of keeping this one relatively short. Here are a few products I was curious to test out and what I thought of them:

The Eyebrow Kit. This product came with a tiny double sided brush, an angled liner brush on one end, and a small flat shadow brush on the other. The brow kit also comes with two steps, the left is a brow gel which is supposed to be applied in strokes with the liner brush to fill in eyebrows where they appear sparse, and the right is a brow finishing power, to be applied with the flat shadow brush to finish off and give your eyebrows a complete and neat look. Both products were pigmented and of good quality; my eyebrows came out quite nicely. The one down side of this kit, however, is that it comes in only one color. I have very dark eyebrows, almost black, so this color happened to work perfectly for me; but someone with lighter eyebrows would probably not be happy with the outcome.

 The Blush. I got this in the color "tickled pink." They had some prettier colors, but they had actual glitter in them, and I didn't think that would be in the least flattering. I tried to swatch the color on my wrist; it's a very faint, wispy, pink, but you can see it. On the cheeks, it comes off as a faint, innocent, pinch of pink glow. It's really pretty and it applies well. It lasted all day and I didn't get any irritation from it (my skin gets easily irritated with products that have chemicals/dyes, etc).

The Brow Gel. I was looking to try their brow gel, and they only sell a duo with a brow gel on one side and a clear mascara on the other. I didn't try the clear mascara because I had fake lashes on, though it says you can apply the mascara over your own mascara or on its own. I feel like it will be good on days I want to wear no make-up but I want my lashes to stand out a little bit more. The brow gel was fantastic. I have very bushy eyebrows that I have to work hard to keep tame. The gel kept them in place all day, and it didn't feel like there was gel or other product in them, which was an unexpected plus!

The Finishing Mist. I was really excited to try this setting mist because I have dry skin and mists are really hydrating and refreshing for when your face needs a pick me up. I've tried the bare minerals finishing mists several times, and a bobbie brown mist. Compared to those products, this one is really the quality of its price. The bottle doesn't mist so much as spray, so a lot of product comes out onto your face, and you have to go in and blot away the excess. The smell isn't as refreshing as I'd hoped it would be, but it isn't bad. Otherwise, the product did help keep my skin looking a bit more hydrated and it helped keep my make-up in place, so it isn't a waste of money, it just isn't as good as some of the higher end products on the market.

The Lip Products. I did a separate review on the lipstick in a previous post. The color is very pigmented and it is relatively true to packaging color. The lipstick doesn't smell like anything. The color wears off quickly however, and you have to keep reapplying, which is sort of a hastle. I'm not in love with it, and I wouldn't buy anymore lipsticks. I was most excited about the lip gloss (look at that gorgeous color!). It came as the biggest disappointment, as a result, when I opened it to find the brush of the gloss sprawled out and misshapen. The gloss is super pretty and sits really nicely on the lips, especially over the lipstick (which helps the lipstick stay on longer too), but I was very sad to see that the brush was destroyed, and therefore, would probably not try out any more glosses from elf that have brushes at the end of the wand.

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