Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Physician's Formula Gel Cream Liner

I love physician's formula products. They are drugstore priced, but they are beyond amazing, in my opinion. I love their foundations, tinted moisturizers, eyeshadows, etc. Besides nice packaging and good pigmentation, all of their face products also have a lot of spf in them, doesn't get better than that!

So, loving their products, I've wanted to try their gel cream liners for a while. I have a few other ones so I've been holding off (I will be doing a comparison), but I finally gave in. I got the hazel eyes one from their original line (the pink on the left) and the blue eyes one from their glam line (blue on the right). I swatched all of the colors, hazel below and blue above.

The hazel colors, from left to right, are black, pink, and taupe. And the blue ones are black, blue, and silver (all with shimmer in them). The colors are all beautiful and I was very happily surprised to see how easily and thickly they applied. The colors are very creamy and you barely need to dip the brush to get a strong pigmented line. The colors in the original line were especially easy to apply. The blue shimmer was the hardest to get a visible line, it's a little sheer, but it's such a pretty, shimmery color, that it equaled out. So, if you're looking for an inexpensive ($10.99) and good quality cream gel liner, I would go try this out; and, if you look around, you usually find good sales (like buy one get one 50% off!). And look out for my cream/gel liner comparison, coming soon! Stay beautiful dolls

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