Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dry Skin Fix

I have eczema (dry, flaky, sensitive skin) and I've struggled with it all of my life. It prominently affects my face, leaving it dry, red, and raw, to the point where I can't apply make-up and I have to reapply my daily moisturizer 10-12 times a day-not fun.

For those of you who have equally dry skin or are just looking for a skin pick me-up during cold, dry winter months, I've got just the thing :). There are two tricks I've learned. One is a daily treatment and one is a moisture mask.

The first ritual, I do mornings and nights when my skin needs a little extra moisture. I take vitamin E oil in liquid form (I use Nature's Bounty, but any vitamin E oil will do; they sell them at Vitamin World and in pharmacies). It's always a good idea to take vitamin E supplements daily in pill form, but the liquid oil is equally good for keep skin looking glowy and maintaining its elasticity. After I wash my face, I get a little bit of oil on my fingers and dab it on any dry spots or patches I can see on my face. I let it sit for about 5 or so minutes, and then dab off any excess my skin hasn't soaked up, and then apply my regular moisturizer. This allows dry spots to soak in extra moisture and vitamins without leaving the whole face greasy (perfect grounds for break-outs, yikes!).

The second treatment is one I do once a week or when my skin is really in need of a pick-me-up. After a hot shower (so my pours are all open), I pat my face dry, and then apply nivea cream to my face. However, I apply a very thick layer of cream so that it looks like a white face mask. You should leave the face mask on for 5-15 minutes, depending on how dry your skin is (if you have very dry skin, leave on until your skin has soaked in a surplus of the cream; if you have skin prone to breaking out however, only leave the mask on for 5 minutes). Your face should soak in enough of the mask so you start to see your skin underneath, but you should still be able to see a thin white layer everywhere. Then, take a tissue or washcloth and gently wipe off all excess cream. When you've wiped off your mask, take your daily moisturizer and apply as you  normally would. Your skin will feel soft and look hydrated and healthy!

Enjoy dolls, treat yourselves and stay beautiful.

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