Monday, February 20, 2012

More colored pants!

Magazines and fashion blogs are still talking about colored pants! I've already done a blog post on them but I thought I'd do another and give you guys another way to style them.
The advice is usually to pair colored pants with a neutral top (black, white, etc. very plain) to balance in out. Another way to style it (although I did go with white...just go with me here) is to color block. I went with white because I added another pop of color with the mint green necklace. The green was also repeated in my bangles and my eyes. The white is repeated in my sunglasses. My flats are leopard print (a little personality!) and the brown shades coordinate with my hair, and the gold buckles with my gold studs.

In order to pull off a lot of colors (and not look like you just pulled random articles of clothing out of your closet), make sure there are repeating patterns. The brown was repeated, as was the green and the white. And to repeat the red, I had a black and red handbag and a white and brown scarf with accents of red. When you repeat a color, it looks deliberate and put together rather than clashing.

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