Monday, February 20, 2012

Chanel 'Peridot' Dupe! - Nail Polish Review

This little guy has been all the hype recently. Who wouldn't fall in love with it, with it's blue/green/silver sparkles. It looks amazing in the bottle and even better on your nails! The only downside is it's price, $26.

 This little number is by Borghese, which is a great company, on a side note. They are well known for cosmetics nationally and they've been around for a while (think: your mother at 14 painting her nails at a slumber party). And this bad boy retails for $8. That's quite a ways cheaper than Chanel (it's about the price of Essie, but of equal quality.
The color looks a bit different, but the Chanel picture is off of their website, therefore enhanced. And the color just doesn't photograph as beautifully as it is in person. The best part, you can layer this for different shades, it looks beautiful and pale with one coat, or intensely dark with three.


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